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Homily We would like to see Jesus: John 12:20


Anyone who has read the front page of today’s Parish bulletin will see that my attention was captured by this first statement in today’s gospel . We would like to see Jesus. It was central to a talk that Cardinal Pell gave recently. He reminded a group of us that the person of Jesus is […]

Homily : You are the light of the world . Matthew 5: 13-16


Two weeks ago. We heard how Jesus came to fulfill the old testament prophecy that the light would come to shine in the darkness and the darkness would never, ever, overcome it.  Neil gave a wonderful Homily on the light of Christ. You might remember him sharing how is far better to light a candle […]

Your endurance will win you your lives (Luke 21 5-19)


If Jesus was wanting to recruit people for his mission, he surely had an unusual way of bringing them in.  He warns  them that they will face wars and revolutions, earthquakes, plagues and famines.  He tells them they will be seized , and persecuted and imprisoned.  They will be betrayed, even by parents and brothers […]

Homily: We are all one in Christ Jesus, (Matthew 2: 1-12)


I’ve been on holidays for the last month, and of an evening instead of watching television. I’ve been writing a gospel. Seriously. I’ve been writing a gospel- Some good news according to Gary. Im doing this because I’ve been wanting some tool that I could use to share the story of Jesus to the many […]