Two weeks ago. We heard how Jesus came to fulfill the old testament prophecy that the light would come to shine in the darkness and the darkness would never, ever, overcome it.  Neil gave a wonderful Homily on the light of Christ. You might remember him sharing how is far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

This week we see Jesus, handing that mission of being light to the world over to us. He says to us, you are the light of the world your light must shine before people the good works of the church must be seen  so that praise  will go to God

The prophet Isaiah reminds us of some of the good works. That’s can be light unto the world. Share your bread with a hungry shelter the homeless poor.  The psalmist adds to the list of good works – be generous and merciful and just take pity and land conduct your affairs with honor. Have no fear of evil news give to the poor, be just.

All of these precepts have particular significance to us after these last few weeks of natural disaster in grand slam shortly. Many thousands of our neighbors have suffered massive loss.  Many individuals in our parish and the parish collectively have responded generously with both their time as volunteers in the cleanup, and with a gifts of money to assist those that have suffered great financial loss. I would like to think the generosity we have seen is a byproduct of the Christian values that generally held in Australia.  Of course, these are not filled by everyone. It amazes me to see in the media letters to the editor by those who complain that they should not have to contribute to the living on Texas. I even sore letter yesterday from a Victorian complaining that why should Victorians have to assist financially, arguing that Queenslanders should be left with the bill. But by and large, we have seen a general compassion response to these disasters.

Some might ask where was God in all of this, following the media reports last Wednesday. I’m sure all of us were expecting a disaster of unimaginable proportions with massive loss of life. It’s intriguing to read the official reports of the track of the cyclone which was headed for a number of days directly towards cans and then in the last 24 hours somehow tracked away to the south and crossed the coast at the least populated area. I was pleased to read in Friday’s Australian how the Mayor of the tension broke Shawna pay no GN Dominica, said it was absolute grace of God that no one has died in our shyer