Welcome to my website. I hope that the material here will be life giving and uplifting for you. Over my journey of life I have had many experiences ranging  from the joyous and satisfying, to the terrifying and traumatic . My life has caused me to draw deeply from the wells of life giving nourishment offered by God to those who would follow his son Jesus, who came that we might have life in all its fullness.  I hope that you might find light and nourishment from what I offer here and , would be pleased to guide you to places where you might realise your full potential.

May peace be with you – Your Chaplain, Gary Stone

Veterans Issues Through many deployments overseas I have an intimate awareness of the particular issues challenging veterans and I can assist you in dealing with them. I have had my own struggle with PTSD and you can read how I now am into Post Traumatic Growth in a number of articles in Resources.

Veterans Care is an incorporated association set up by some concerned citizens wanting to raise the level of holistic health and wellbeing in the wider Veteran community. Our range of objectives and strategies can accessed through this link. Please consider joining us.

Pastoral Ministry

Life these days is complex, and many small issues together can place us under a lot of stress. I can assist you through counselling in unravelling the tangles of life, and developing a positive life strategy to help you thrive. Please contact me , we can have a chat and if I can’t help I’ll guide you to someone who can .

Words of Encouragement

I have discovered that we can re-wire our brain to shrink the harmful and negative memories and go on to live a more satisfying life by taking in positive words of encouragement. Please enjoy the stories and  messages I have developed along life’s journey in my Resources section under Homilies and Words of Encouragement .

Holistic Health

I have discovered through my own brush with cancer and peritonitis that a holistic approach to health and well-being is necessary. I invite you to consider embracing the “body, mind and soul ” regime that I have found life-giving , and would be pleased to guide you through its development in your circumstances. Look up any of the health articles in Resources.

Baptism . Formal initiation into the Christian life commences through the celebration of Baptism . Following some preparation, a child or adult is welcomed into the Christian community and blessed to realise their full potential as a child of God. I celebrate baptisms usually on Sunday mornings.  Please contact me to make an appointment for preparation . A baptism request form and the format of a baptism is enclosed in Resources .

Marriage . I can assist you in celebrating your  life long commitment of love to another ,  through a service of Christian marriage. I will normally conduct preparation over a six month period , where we will dialogue  over the format for the marriage service , as well as undertake education in living a thriving married life.  Various government and church forms need to be completed at our first interview . Example Orders of service are enclosed in Resources .

Funerals . Following the death of a loved one , I can assist you in a Christian funeral to celebrate the life of your loved one, friend or family member and provide a farewell for them from this life to eternal life in heaven , and bring comfort and peace to all those who continue in this life . Example funeral services are enclosed in Resources.

Dear friends,
As you are reading this, our first Timor immersion is underway! Michael Stone is in Dili working with the Timorese veterans who are hosting us. Kirsten Wells is on her way to Darwin to meet with four Darwin participants and early arrivals from Tasmania, NSW and Rockhampton, and Caitlin Proctor and I will travel with the main body from Brisbane early Sunday morning. We will be farewelled in Darwin by Timorese Ambassador to Australia Abel Guterres, and newly elected Federal Member for Darwin, Army Veteran and good friend of ours, Luke Gosling. In Dili we will be met on the tarmac by a representative group of Timorese Veterans and the Prime Ministers Director of Veterans Affairs, Ines Amielda.

After 4 months of guided preparation, 27 Aussie vets are travelling to Timor, ranging in age from 30 to 71, from four years to 49 years service. Veterans of all three services, one former AFP Police Officer and all recent conflicts, with seven females and 20 males. Together with the Timorese we will form a cavalcade with a group of over 50 in total, to journey around the country over the coming 11 days, visiting a vast array places of prominence where Australian and Timorese veterans served from WW2 onwards.

Our focus will not be on the past but rather to seek inspiration for the present and future through seeing, hearing and learning of the incredible resilience, reconciliation and rehabilitation of the Timorese Resistance warriors. We will share our stories of what has worked well, support each other in fellowship, and contemplate how we might better nurture our bodies, minds, souls, and relationships for the journey ahead. A key outcome for each individual is to develop a Health and Wellbeing plan, and imagine a future life identity and purpose, especially in respect of involvement in the ex service community.

The trip will have a climactic point on 23 July when participants will do a predawn ascent of Timor's highest mountain, Mt Ramelau, to experience the dawn and have a service of healing and new beginnings, leaving the past and darkness behind and embracing a future of life, love and hope. This is the Awakening we all desire but find so elusive in day to day life in Australia.

The Timor immersion is meant to be a circuit-breaker to prepare participants for a period of 9 months follow up support by VCA staff in living out new and healthier lifestyles.

Thanks to all VCA members and those who have contributed, sponsored and supported this programme in so many ways. We are especially grateful to our major sponsors - RSL Qld for majority funding of this specific programme and RSL Care for funding for our staff and other activities.

We hope to do daily posts on our Timor Awakening page on Faceook, and would invite all our members, supporters and sponsors to Kookaburra Cafe on Sunday 14 Aug at 1800 (6pm) for a meal followed by a briefing on our experience.

Obrigado (Thank You )Gary

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VCA is very grateful to Barbara Kenny and Quilts of Valour for presenting quilts and thanking veterans for their service . The heartfelt appreciation is indeed a soothing and healing gift to us . ...

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Veterans Care will be offering weekend wellness retreats at this beautiful site called Andelaine at Natural Bridge in follow up to our Timor Immersions . We've been there twice now and had wonderful peaceful experiences . ...

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A whole group of Veterans took some big steps forward in improving their Health tonite as we launched our Timor Awakening programme . Thanks to Kirsten Wells and Michael Stone for your work on this as well as the whole VCA team . Faith hope and love carry us forward ! ...

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This morning our CEO Ruth had the opportunity to MC Lord Mayor of Brisbane - Graham Quirk's Prayer Breakfast with distinguished guests and leaders from around Brisbane. An exceptional event hosted by the Lord Mayor & Mission Australia with the great opportunity to support Veterans Care. ...

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