Today’s readings hold some scary news for the reader.  The book of wisdom, warns us that the Godless lie in wait for the virtuous.  They would seek to test us with cruelty and put our endurance to the test . St. James warns about the disharmony that comes from jealousy and envy.  He talks about people being prepared to kill,  and to get their way to force. And then Jesus warns his disciplew  how he will be delivered into the hands of men who put him to death.  His disciples did not understand what he said and were afraid to ask.

This all seems far away from the peaceful life we share in St Johns Wood – The Gap. But sadly is not the case for Christians.  In many parts of the world, where they are persecuted and live their lives in fear . There continues to be persecution of Christians in various parts of Africa and the Middle East and in parts of Indonesia. Many Christians have fled from Iraq and in the holy land, in particular, the number of Christians has reduced dramatically.  Whilst we have good relations with many Islamic people in the world.  Then it reminds extreme radicalized Islamic groups , who would seek to eliminate Christianity from their areas of influence.

We are currently attempting to resist extreme Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan